Thursday, November 02, 2006



Extreme Makeover Home Edition is in town!! Being the reality-tv, (OK, ALL TV) junkie that I am, we had to check it out!

I was a little bummed about the family they chose. . .there are certainly others in more need, including the one I submitted to the show. I had posted about them here. But, oh, well, it's exciting anyway. It's a "brady bunch" type of story. They went to the same high school but didn't know each other, both got married, then divorced, then they met, want to get married, but don't have enough room in either place for everyone (5 kids all together), and the foundation at his house was falling apart, which made it tough to sell to get a different one. You can read more about the progress and about the family here, including their travel blog where today I just read that the show surprised them with a wedding in Paris! Ring, dress, yacht on the Seine, wedding in front of the Eiffel Tower, etc. . .sorry I ruined the big moment in the show but hey, that's what you get when you're in the "know!" They did the wake up call thing on last Friday morning and the tear down was Sunday. Sunday would've been the day to go to make sure and see Ty and all the designers but I guess I should go to church. . .and it was right during our meetings. . .dang it.
So, today I loaded up the kids (schools out. .) and went over. The home is located in the Havelock (historic) district of town. Neat little area. Old, but neat. I wondered how they would do this there, but it's looking pretty good. It was tough to get a good look at the house. It's in the middle of a block and they had it barracaded on the side streets. We were only a couple of rows back from the fencing. I overheard someone saying how the show offers the neighbors a hotel and a daily $1000 or so, to use their property, yard, etc. One house directly across they were using for the VIP's. Hey if it was my house, I'd stay there and get in on all the action (although it would be a little crazy, and noisy!) In this picture it's the third one in that they're working on. The lots are small, so they won't have much of a yard. They were going for a "Tudor" style of home. I'm not sure if these are classic colors for a Tudor, but I was left wondering where the designers were when they picked it out. It's a dark chocolate brown with royal blue (more bright blue than the picture shows) trim/accents, then a light color rock for the front pillars. I'm sure it'll look better all finished and on TV.
It was pretty exciting to see it all happening, we hung out over by the production trailers in hopes of seeing anyone.

The first person we recognized was John Littlefield, he's one of the newest designers. He stopped and signed a couple of autographs then headed up to the house.

We saw Preston too. He was in a hurry and we just caught him from behind. I promise that really is him!! Crazy, funky hair and all.
I'll let you know when the show will be on. . .I may sneak over tonight (they're supposed to be done around 9pm) to see when they hand over the keys! The word was that Ty was in Chicago Tuesday and Wednesday and he'd be back on Thursday, so maybe I'll catch a picture tonight!!


Bek said...

That is so fun!! They did one in the next town over from us a few years ago. It was a family of orphaned kids who were taken in by the neighbors so they would all have enough room.

Once the house was built, they kicked the kids out and sold it (seriously). It was pretty sad.

Can't wait to see you elbow to elbow w/ Ty...... It beats my Steve Young sighting.

wendysue said...

Bek, you are so funny, I seriously was going to write in the post that it was not as exciting as having Steve Young and his power ranger kid next to you but still fun. . .

Kage said...

Awesome. I am a huge fan of that show.....glad you went and got all the cool pix.

Hollie said...

Hey, I sold him a pair of Birkenstocks at the Orem Mall (Shoe Box).....he’s a lot shorter in person. That is my only claim to fame.

It sure doesn't beat Ty. I had the biggest crush on him from Trading Spaces (before I met Ryan of course :) I went as far as to e-mail the director of the show to see if they needed a traveling massage luck. They did e-mail back though.

So, what street is that on? I was curious of who would get that. I love that show.

Tour De Life said...

Thanks for the inside pix and info Wendy!

c jane said...

If you go to the hand over of keys tell us if you cry when watching it in person...cause on tv I cry like I'm at Girls Camp all over again.

~j. said...

Cool that you took the kids to see it. They just did a home in Logan -- a 2-hour show to air on on 11/26.

wendysue said...

No dice.
I went over on Thursday with Christy (crafty conservative) and shivered in the cold trying to see what was up. I guess the cold has slowed down the brick work on the front porch so they were probably going to "hand over the keys" this morning sometime and the family is scheduled to be home at 2pm. Of course, Whitney woke up this morning with some strange rash/bumps on her feet so that means we get to go to the Dr and listen to her scream instead of seeing the big unveiling...
Anyhow, Christy and I did see Paul from the back, and that was about it, besides trash (lots of it), and the Slumberland truck, some stuff going in, some going out (maybe they see if it will work, then take it back out before the official "move in" scenes?)
Still, it was fun to be there!!

Queen Scarlett said...

Fun fun fun! Love the show and my favs... Ed, Preston and Paulie. ;-)

How is Whitney?