Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mar family Monster Mash

We had our annual Mar Family Monster Mash party last Sunday. . .here are some of the little ones dressed up for the party!!

The company is always great but take a look at the goodies!!
I made the small intestine casserole. . .mmm. Matt's Mom did the oreo cookie eyeballs. Delish!

Oh dear, I think the little punkin' isn't feeling so well.
I also made some blood punch. . .
Can I interest you in a (fat) witch finger, (complete with bloody fingernail) or a tarantula cookie?

Here's some other goodies the fam made. . .
Body part jello--check out the finger!!
Snake meatloaf--this one scared me a little. . .it looked TOO real. Ghost and pumpkin pizza
even the mashed potatoes were orange!!
I forgot to get pictures of the other desserts but we had ghost shaped chocolate pudding pies and of course, dirt/ice cream/worm cups! WAY too much food, but SOOOOOOOOO Good!!


Bek said...

so cute!!

Will you put up recipes? I love it.

Kage said...


AzĂșcar said...

I know it all tastes normal, it probably tastes great, but I am too wimpy to eat that food. Booo my overactive imagination!

Amanda said...

Yum!;) I like the idea of having a party for the kids. I was thinking of doing it once they got older but its a good idea to start now. The costumes look great! Callie misses Madison also.

Hollie said...

That looks like so much FUN! I agree with you, the looks of that meat loaf made me puke a little in my mouth. Blah! It looks like a skinless something with no legs. I think whoever made that should have won the award of most BLAH!

I'm with the first :)

The CEO said...

The Mar family is seriously the most talented family I know! How fun. We miss you.