Wednesday, November 15, 2006


No, I'm not making fun of Matt's chinese heritage in the title there. . . (come on, at least a courtesy laugh please. . .he he)

It's Whitney. Maybe we should have named her Mystery. This poor little allergy prone kiddo. First it was the MSPI, eczema, nasty colds/stuffy all the time gunk.

So, about 3 weeks ago, I take her in (you know the routine. . .she's a nightmare, not sleeping, please tell me something is wrong that you can fix. . .nada. . .strep test, neg.) A week or so ago, she wakes up (after being Mrs. Crabapple for about a month) with red, rashy, itchy feet. Turns out it's Coxsackie. . .aka Hand, Foot, Mouth. Alrighty, the older two had that, no problem. Until, last Saturday. . These pictures actually aren't so bad. . .they were REALLY bad earlier.

Honestly, she was fine one minute, and the next time I saw her she had hives. I swear.
"What DID SHE EAT?????" What the heck did she get into? Was it the nasty, wet leaves we were trying to rake outside? Did she get into the treat that Madison created??
A lovely "Turkey" plateful of peanut butter decorated with mini m&ms and butterscotch chips

Finally, I called the nurse to see if they wanted to see her. . .if it was related to the Hand/foot/mouth stuff, do I need to take her to the ER? After all that, I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "whatever." Not really, to the nurse I didn't, but to myself I did.

I have given up on trying to play the "What's wrong with the baby" game. I drive myself insane trying to do that. We kept her home from church on Sunday. Not because she was crabby, just because she looked so awful. I'm sure parents would have been snatching their kids from her presence and running for the hills.

Monday came, still a total rash, so off to the Dr. we went. Strep test. . .neg, proabably just a virus related rash that could go on and off for 2 WEEKS!!! Great.
So today a call. . .Oh, we sent off that other strep test to test for the rare types. . .yep, positive.

But don't worry, it didn't keep her from gettin' her groove on "Rashdance" style. What a feelin'.


Queen Scarlett said...

Oh my goodness... how do you not lose your cool/mind from this. But she looks so happy and cute. ;-) Kids... are WAY more resilient than ... I was going to say adults...but I mostly mean me. ;-)

Bek said...

Poor baby and poor mommy. :-)

We had hand / foot and mouth out here too. It was awful. Your poor Whitney with her itchy rash.

Step, huh? Wow.

Kage said...

Olive just finished up with coxsakie about a week ago...join the club

Christy said...

I'll see you a courtesy laugh (he he) and raise you an Irene Cara fan club card.

Take your passion, and make it happen
Pictures come alive, you can dance right through your life!

AzĂșcar said...

Oh the mystery rash, how I hate them so!

Guille had butt strep a month or two love being a mom.

Julie said...

Butt strep, eh? That's a new one. My oldest ended up with erythema multiforme on his first Christmas. He was 7 months old. It was hell. Mystery rashes are the worst.

wendysue said...

Just to make things a little more interesting. . .you know what they call Strep throat with a rash right? Yeah, just a little "SCARLET FEVER!"
Ok, in soft hushed tones. . ."she has the feva." Thank goodness for antibiotics.

Queen--kids always take it much better than I would. I remember a couple of years ago I got an ear infection. . .I was a nightmare. Now I understand how those kiddos feel!

Kage--it was so crazy. . .I read on your blog about Olive and I swear I said to myself. . ."oh yeah, I remember that!" Little did I know. . .

Christy--I just can't win. Your celebritiness is outstanding!!

Azu-hmm. butt strep. I won't ask.

Julie--ah yes, "em" as I knew it in Dental Hygiene school (we studied it in oral pathology), it's really rare, but of course, I got it after getting home from the hospital when my oldest was born. I swear I thought I would scratch my legs off.. poor babe, only 7 months old!!

compulsive writer said...

So sorry. Hope she's feeling better.

(Love, love love your clever title!)

compulsive writer said...

p.s. This is not at all the same, but my husband recently had an ear infection and it wouldn't go away and eventually he was diagnosed with a fungus in his ear. Ewwwwww. Who knew you could get a fungus there?

Anonymous said...

So sorry Wendy:( I tell ya, I'm scared to have more kids.

Whitney still looks super always. I love her hair. Maybe someday Mckenzie will actually grow some.

lisa v. clark said...

Oh, can we just be the same person?! Hugh has had a mysterious rash for weeks. It's a yeast infection! Nice.