Monday, May 14, 2007

Blake rocks Bothell!!

"last line says 'Welcome Home Blake'"

Ok, all you American Idol fans! My sister Julie lives in Bothell, WA (just outside of Seattle), and it's the hometown of Blake Lewis! So, she called me on Friday as she and her family were driving to go to the parade. Here's the email I got from her yesterday. .

So, in case any of you are jealous...we got to see Blake on Friday and it was AWESOME!!! He was about 50 ft from us, which as close as I've been to stardom in a long time...

Here are a few pictures. If you want to hear the music, go to youtube and search "Blake Bothell". He sang about 5 songs, including one freestyle beatbox, where you can see/hear how he can replay what he was just singing and sing over it - that's what the black strap over his shoulder is - he has a keypad on his right side to control the repeating and then a whole system at his's pretty cool, even though he can't use it on the show.

After seeing him in person, it is obvious that he can win this thing...he's by far the most talented musician...he just depends on what he can pull together for the show. Btw, the mayor did get a fax from Paula Abdul - his judge's choice song for this week is "Roxanne" - should be good!


I'm a little nervous about "Roxanne", seriously. . .no one can do it better than Gordon. So, we'll see. I am a Blake fan though, I think he's the most current of the final 3.


Christy said...

I'm a little worried about that Roxanne pick, too. But, I have always thought that Blake gave off a Sting vibe. Looks like they had fun.

Who are you voting for????


wendysue said...

We'll have to see how they do tonight. I think Blake is definitely the "American Idol" type, although if Jordin does well, she could take it too. Melinda is fantastic but I think she has a different audience. Out of all of them, I think I would listen to Blake's music the most.