Thursday, May 03, 2007

Do you. . .May Day?

I'm wondering if this is just a Nebraska, or a mid-west thing. I grew up here so this is what we've done every May 1. To celebrate May Day the kids make up a little goody bag to their friends and neighbors. Some make a little basket of spring flowers to hang on their door, or a cup or bag of popcorn and little candies.

The best part is the delivery. I still remember the excitement from when I was a kid. You're supposed to sneak up and put them at the door and ring or knock. If the person is able to catch you, they're supposed to give you a kiss. All morning, even before school began, the doorbell was ringing. Then after supper, we were having dinner outside with the missionaires and the kids ran around to the front several times to catch their friends.

Molly had made one for her friend Sam. She was almost giddy as we were driving over to his house. The rest of the goodies I had in the front seat but she had Sam's right in her lap. She said it was taking so long that she was starting to eat his popcorn! I think she was just a little nervous and excited. As we turned the corner she said

"And now for the best day of my whole life. . ."

It was SO cute. We got there and she sneaked all around, but oh well, he wasn't even there to catch her. She had fun anyway.

I was thinking next year it would be great to paint little cute pots and grow some wheat grass to deliver to my own little May Day friends.

So, do you do something like this for May Day, and if not, why not start it up next year??


Christy said...

Last year was my first May Day experience, thanks to you Wendy!

And, it was my best May Day of my whole life!

Rachel said...

yes, as a native Nebraskan also, I remember doing that too. We just don't get organized enough to do it these days. I remember how exciting it was too.

Deb said...

I loved May Day as a kid. I always loved trying to sneak treats to my friends without getting caught. What great memories!

Audra said...

We never really celebrated it- but my mother in law has inspired me! She always gets the girls the cutest little may baskets. One year she dropped them off and the twins saw her leaving (they we two I think) and started crying because grandma didn't stay to see them. They cheered up once they saw what she left on the porch though!

Jennifer said...

I hadn't heard about May Day until moving here to Nebraska. I think it is a mid-west thing because I have lived in San Diego, CA, Denver, CO, Springfield, VA (just outside DC), Provo/Orem, UT and the Philippines and don't recall May Day being recognized in any of those places. Of course someone left a May Day "basket" for David this year and he loved it.