Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Planet Earth, Nebraska style

I hope you watched, or have been watching this. It's fanflippintastic. (That's my new word for springtime). I love those kinds of shows. My kids learned early on, as soon as they saw a glimpse.

"Mom, is that (insert any animal name here) going to die now?"

Well, it's NATURE honey. That's what happens. Everything has to eat.

And so it is right in my backyard.

We live in a well-established neighborhood. Great houses, all different styles, no 'cookie-cutter' homes here. We have huge Oak, and Blue Spruce trees all over, and that also means we have tons of squirrels and rabbits. Oh, my, do the rabbits eat well around here. HUGE rabbits. You can pull in the driveway at night and watch the bunnies run!! Well, I don't have to tell you that lots of rabbits means more and more little bunnies every spring. Since spring has sprung and we've been outside every night with all the neighbors, we have a few stories to tell about our bunny nests. (Let me just take you aside here and say that although I care for animals, I'm not a complete, crazed, ANIMAL LOVER. Yes, animals have their place, but not 20 large bunnies in my backyard. . .thankyouverymuchI'mgoingtogogetmyrabbitrepellantsprayrightnow.) One neighbor nearly ran over them with the mower. . .I know he's not the first to do that. Another had found their little bunny nest under their little playground. Ours always find their way to our woodpile. SO. . that brings us to last night.

We had all been hanging out with the kiddos. . chalk, bubbles, bigwheels, etc. We were getting ready to head in and I was chatting with my neighbors Mitch and Deb. I hear a 'screeching' and turned my head to see a huge black crow carrying away a little bunny in it's beak. I'm SERIOUS! It was totally like Planet Earth right in my backyard! My jaw I'm sure dropped and Mitch and I turned back and caught each others face at the same time. HOLY COW! DID YOU SEE THAT?? Deb was the funniest. . .she has no sympathy. . .her beautiful plants get eaten up every year. With all the screeching (bunny and other crows), we saw a couple of big bunnies run and Deb said. . .

"yep, there goes your baby."

Sorry. . .it WAS funny.


Kage said...

I do enjoy planet earth so very much

Audra said...

I like Planet Earth- but I have to be doing something while watching it or else I fall asleep!

My in-laws have a hunting dog and she LOVES to chase down or smell out bunny nests and eat the bunnies- yuck! One time she came up to me and I heard this horrible screeching- it was the deathcry of a little bunny half way down her throat! ughhhh- I wanted to grab it- but it was too late and I started to feel sick to my stomach. Poor bunny!

Stacy said...

We love Planet Earth...in fact, I blogged about thatvery thing a week or so ago. It's a fabulous series! I am now trying to convince my hubby that we NEED the series on DVD!

AzĂșcar said...

I totally laughed.

Girl con Queso said...

Oh that's sad. Of course, no bunnies are eating my yard, so I'm a sucker.

Hollie said...

We love it too.