Monday, September 10, 2007

Be my idol.

The girls were just a little excited about going to the American Idol concert. I even managed to convince Christy to come with me (ok, it didn't take TOO much convincing). The girls made some signs up the night before to take to the show. . .
It was a pretty good show. I will say that Blake is still (by FAR) my fav, and I'd definitely get his CD when it's out--the kid is talented. As for the rest, I think a summer of touring actually did them some good. I didn't find myself cringing too much and even Sanjaya sounded "ok". He did a ridiculous version of "The way you make me feel" by MJ. (And not ridiculous in a good way)(Yes, in some way too tight red pants.)
One other fun thing they had at the show was the TV guide red carpet. They gave you a little card and you could go get your pic taken on the "red carpet" then go online and see your picture. Here's how ours turned out.

p.s. a few days after the concert, American Idol was having auditions in Omaha, and as I left for work that morning Madison said "MOM, how can you go to work when American Idol auditions are right up in Omaha??????"


b. said...

How FUN!! I love the red carpet thing. Sissy Girl would get a kick outta that!
So are you going to audition?

wendysue said...

Oh b, you're so good to me, thinking I'm still within those age limits! And that I'd have the voice to make it without being on the "these people are idiots" reel. Thanks!!

b. said...

15 seconds is 15 seconds.
Idiot reel or not.

Hollie said...

That looks like so much fun! Blake was my favorite out of that bunch too.