Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sum sum summertime.

Here's Molly hiding out with Sam (Whitney is definitely their chaperone!!)

A few weeks before school was out, Molly got invited to a birthday party for a couple of boys in her class at one of the local pools that has a "splash park". It's a separate part of the pool that is designed for smaller kids and lots of slides and fountains, etc. The awesome thing was they had the whole thing rented out so they said, just bring the whole family. The girls had a great time. (Thank goodness Lincoln was not hit by the Utah/public pool/nasty bacteria=2 weeks of sitting on the toilet "stuff")


lisa v. clark said...

Yeah, we all got sick with that buisness. Miles twice. Gross, gross, gross. But I was glad to finally have a legitimate excuse just not to go out in my moomoooooooo and sweat in the 100+ degree weather. "Sorry kids, the pool is CLOSED: I know! I know! It's a tragedy! What are you gunna do. . . "

Look how cute your girls are. Um, you'd just better get a regular chaparone for them now. . . and way to go on the modest swimwear. Gina would be proud!

b. said...

Your family is so cute!
And Holly and Sam? Soooo Cute!
Wait, are they cousins?