Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happiest Place Part 1

We had the most awesome flight (Direct!) from Omaha to LAX. It was only 3 hours and the kids were great (who cares if we let them spend some money from their Grandpa to buy their own little DVD players. . .spoiled? NO! Smart Mom I say!)

We arrived just shortly after 8am, and made our way to the rental car place where Whitney peed all over herself (those darn pullups don't hold nothin'!), it leaked all over her, the stroller and leaked out the bottom of the stroller. . .holy cow, how much water did I give her?

We drove maybe 10 miles to Manhattan Beach. We even found close parking! The kids ran straight for the sand and water. They had a blast. There were quite a few surfers and walkers/runners too (how the heck can they run in that stuff??). I didn't put the kids in their swimsuits because of course they'll behave and not get too wet since we have no towels, etc. Oh well, they had a good time and mostly obeyed (except Whitney--that's how she ended up in just a diaper).

We walked down to the pier and as we walked Matt looked out and noticed a dolphin about 25 feet out in the water. Oh wait, not just A dolphin, but about 6-7! We watched them play in the surf and even ride the waves in like the surfers. Amazing and the kids loved it. This was the best I could do for a picture.

What's the matter with your eyes? Can't you see them??

After we had had enough and were dried off enough to brush the sand off, we headed for the car. Here's the rest of our day. . .
**Drove down Santa Monica Blvd., and happened to drive right by the Temple!

**Drove down one of the "lined with palm trees" streets in Beverly Hills.

**Found the HOLLYWOOD sign in the hills.

**Illegally saw and took a picture at the Hollywood Bowl. The guy at the gate told us to just walk right up, SO WE DID! They were preparing for the Dave Matthews Band--the kids could just watch themselves at the hotel right??

**Drove down Hollywood Blvd. Parked and walked a bit on the Hollywood Stars.

**Saw Graumans Chinese Theater. (and a bunch of creepy people dressed up like superheros/moviestars/elmo), and was about accosted by every other person handing us something. . .

**Saw the Kodak theater, and walked the red carpet (well, at least where the red carpet WOULD be if there was one).

**Drove by the Beverly Hills Hotel. . .but didn't see Dillon McKay ANYWHERE!!

We didn't see any stars but after reading my People from last Friday, how did I NOT run into Britney that day? Honestly, I guess I could've shopped in Bel Air and gone to the DMV. Oh well.
We made our way toward Anaheim in lovely LA traffic, stopped to pick up snacks and water and headed for the hotel. The Residence Inn Maingate. Fabulous. We had a two room loft suite (kids had a bunk bed and we were upstairs in the loft. Two bathrooms, full kitchen and living room. It was great. My sister Lisa and family arrived around 8pm and were right next door at the hotel. My brother and his family got in later that night too. We hung out, got kids to bed and played cards before heading to bed.

Coming up. ..Day 2 (Disneyland!!), and more family arrives!

. . . Day 3 (Disneyland--breakfast with Minnie, the debut of the Grandpa camp shirts, and California Adventure)

. . .Day 4 (last day for Disney and Cal. Adv., princess breakfast and late night)

. . .Day 5 (last day with Family, time to head home)


Bek said...

So So FUN!!! We love that hotel (and we always stay somewhere that has a kids suite...it is so worth the extra money..).

Can't wait for the rest of the updates.

Audra said...

Very cool! Looks like tons of fun- and the beach...ahhhhhh!

Sue said...

Oh, this sounds and looks so fun. Love those lofts suites at RI. We stayed in one the last time we went to Disneyland and it was wonderful. Your girls are so adorable.

I really need a vacation.

Deb said...

Ah, the beach... that's looks like so much fun. You really got a lot done in one day!

Hollie said...

I need the beach. That looks awesome! I'm glad you had a good time. Love the pictures!

compulsive writer said...

Ooooh fun! I love the ocean. Yay! for you!

katies said...

Look's like so much fun!

lisa v. clark said...

Where's part 2, dude?

Julie said...

That looks like a blast! Now I want to take my kids and go too. (sigh)