Monday, January 28, 2008

A blessing

When my Mom called with the news of President Hinckley's death last night I was initially saddened. Sad that we won't have him here to guide us. I will miss his wonderful spirit and immovable deep testimony of the Savior as well as his spunk and sense of humor. What a wonderful man. I'm happy for his peace today and that he is finally with his sweetheart again. I hope they give him a day of rest for all the work he did here on earth but I have a feeling he'll be right back to work there, and he'd expect the same of us.


compulsive writer said...

Well said. I know he's earned a rest, but I imagine all he'll do is lengthen his stride.

Geo said...

I'd love to see him enjoying his newly-fresh legs as he lengthens that amazing stride.

Audra said...

I was on the internet last night reading news stories about Pres. Hinckley and his legacy. I was amazed at how many pastors, rabbis, and other non-lds church leaders praised him as a person and a leader. He was an extraordinary person!