Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Count your many blessings

That's what my brother was doing this past Sunday morning

On his way to an early morning Bishopric meeting at church, someone fell asleep at the wheel and swerved over the double yellow line and smashed into him, totalling out his car.

Here's some bits and pieces from his email on Monday. .

"I'm fine but had to dukes of hazard it out of the window to get out of the car." --I can totally see him doing this. . .even in his best Sunday suit!

"The Executive secretary came and picked me up and said it was a miracle that I walked away from it." --not only will he make an appointment with the Bishop for you. . .

"I had glass dropping out of my suit the rest of the day at church, LOL." --I love that he just shook it off and headed straight for church!

and this, counting his blessings, after commenting about the Prophet passing away on Sunday. . ."I guess it was his day to return to our Heavenly Father and not mine".


b. said...

There was an audible gasp coming from my mouth when I opened up this page!

I love your brother's sense of humor! Glad he's okay!

Queen Scarlett said...

Is this the same brother that planned the rockin' trip to Vegas?

What a cool brother you have. Thank heavens he's safe.

AzĂșcar said...

Holy cow!

wendysue said...

Thanks b, I figured I'd better put "my brother" right up at the top, so people didn't think it was me!

Queen--yep, one and only brother. Also same brother whose office was destroyed in 9/11, and he reactivated to the church in the next few years and just last year was sealed to his wife. Amazing man.


Lyle said...

Well I guess his cars beats mine for the "ugly car" award.

Glad he's okay and good humored about it.

Annie said...

Yikes! You would think that gettin in a car wreck would give you a get-outta-church-free pass. Or, well, if you survive I guess it would be the right thing to do to go and thank your Maker.