Monday, December 15, 2008

The Chopping Block, by Molly

Ah, the famous "fall party" at school. . .Molly brought home her fabulously decorated Turkey complete with a story written to share. . .(I typed it just as she had written it, you know, sometimes quotations, sometimes not, but always funny.)

"It was the night before Thanksgiving but my mom was just kidding that is was Christmas, well, that's what she told me. But I knew that it was Thanksgiving because I saw thousands of turkeys going to the chopping block. I hope I don't go there because all my friends go there and then I never see them again. It's sad. Maybe they go there to eat, sleep and play. Should I go or not? What do you think? Maybe I will. . hum? I will! I am going to bring all of my friends so we can all have fun. I am calling my friends. But wait. Who should I invite? I know, Brooke, Catherine, Tillie, Anna, Katie, Mrs. Stoltenberg, Mrs. Dougless, Mrs. Bucher, Elyssa, Olivia and Kylie. Okay I'll just yell out their names, Brooke, Catherine, Tillie, Anna, Katie, Mrs. Stoltenberg, Mrs. Dougless, Mrs. Bucher, Elyssa, Olivia and Kylie! Come here! Alright I've got big huge news to tell. We're all going to the chopping block! "Oh NO!" everyone said. "the chopping block is a very bad place," said Brooke. No, it's not like that. I heard that it's where we eat, sleep and play. "Still we're not going." Pretty please? Okay, we'll come. So they went walking. "Okay, everyone, we're here." wow! This is so cool. "Well, who wants to go in first?" "I will" Everyone shouted really loudly. "Single file, single file" I shouted, but no one did it. So everyone rushed in and a really mean dude put everyone in a dark bag. "It's squishy in here" shouted Kylie. "I'm hungry" said Catherine. "Really, because I'm hyper." said Katie. Olivia said "I love to talk fast. Do you like to talk fast? Should we go to the mall to buy shoes, because I just love shoes." QUIET! I said, "we can't go to the mall, we can't eat because we're trapped in here." We need to make a plan, said Mrs. Stoltenberg. Okay, so this bag is only paper right? So maybe we can all peck with our beaks. On the count of three. Ready? One, two, three. Peck, peck, peck! We're free! Run everyone, run! So they all ran away into the woods and no one could ever find them. The End."

My favorite parts were "single file, single file" and Olivia talking fast about going shopping at the mall to buy shoes while they're all in the bag. . .so cute. Good thing Mrs. Stoltenberg was there to straighten them all out.

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