Saturday, November 29, 2008

Too much tv?

We had our Primary Sacrament Meeting Program a couple of weeks ago. Whitney is a little anxious that she will get to participate next year and felt free to sing along with all the songs AND direct the kids from her little pew.

One of the little boys got up and said his part about prayer "I can pray to Heavenly Father, any time, any place."

Whitney piped right up and said all excited, "Any time! Any place! The super-sleuths are on the case!!!" (in full action with the little arm swing and everything.)
Thanks "My friends, Tigger and Pooh"


Mary Ann Carlile said...

Man, of all the Sundays to not be sitting behind you...!

Rachelle said...

That is soooo cute!

And I just watched the video link of Nie Nie's husband you posted. So great!

Lisa said...

AWEsome! Well, watching tv has always served me well. . . and she's learning a lot of performance skills, so I'm impressed.

(my kids are watching Pee Wee's Christmas right now)

Lyle said...

I would have paid to see that one.

Drewmeister said...

How funny! The Primary program is always one of my favorite Sundays b/c you never know what the kids in the program (or in the audience) will say.