Thursday, December 18, 2008

What and why????

In complete 3-year-old-dom Whitney has been driving me c.r.a.z.y. After everything I say she says What or Why and repeats the last word that I had said. Every TIME!

"Whitney, please stop."
"What stop?"
"Whitney, don't do that anymore."
"Anymore what?"
"Whit, why do you have to repeat every last word?"
"What last word?"


Also, these are questions that I'm asked at least 4-5 times a day.
"Why do I need my gloves?"
"Because it's cold."
"Why is it cold?"
"Because it's wintertime."
"Why is it wintertime?"
"It just is." (I'm done with the "Heavenly Father made it that way." phrase.)
"Why is the sun in my eyes?"
"Just look out the other window."
"Why my backpack?"
"Because it's time for preschool."
"Why am I going to preschool?"
"Because. . .(mommy needs a break.)"
"Why is Simon crying like that?"
"Babe, if I knew I'd be rich (and more rested.)"
"Why are you making that face Mom?"
heavy sigh from me.
"Why you go "huuuuuuuuuh?"


Christy said...

It's going to be a looooong break.

Anonymous said...

I always turned it around on my kids. Something like this:

Dad: Put on your coat.
Kid: Why put on coat?
Dad: Why do you think?
Kid: Because my Pokemon coat gives me super speed?
Dad: Why do you get super speed?

Basically they are trying to do the conversation thing but they don't have much context. Frankly, when I first moved to Sweden there was little else I could do either.

Turning it around gives them a chance to talk and the imagination starts rolling. :)

I am very excited to see Whitney Bean in Arizona, please bring her!

wendysue said...

Actually I think she's figured out that it drives me crazy and that's why she keeps doing it. Usually if I don't answer she will answer herself then say "Right MOm?"

I can't wait to bring her to Arizona, then she can ask why and what to YOU!!

Queen Scarlett said...

Oh...this phase...

I ended up asking Kalea "Why/What do you think...." So she now does that to me. ;-)

Rachelle said...

Oooh! I miss that 3 year old stage! We need another 3 year old around here! : )

Julie Ramsay said...

My twins drive me crazy too! We're still potty training but I don't have a newborn. Enjoy the'll miss it when its gone (so they say). I think I'll just go out and enjoy my life!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Oh wow. Whit and Tori must be the same age. Are they learning this fun technique in nursery?! That must be the explanation.

The CEO said...

That is too cute. BTW, your Christmas cards are once again amazing. I swear, if there were a model Christmas card contest, your family would win, hands down. Loved it!!! Merry Christmas! Shanna

Lyle said...

You're just trying to stockpile virtue.

Sister Pottymouth said...

Awesome! I'd forgotten that I've been reminded what I have to look forward to again.