Friday, February 20, 2009


I've been neglectful. . .it's seriously time for a photo update of what's been happening at the Mar household. Here's just a bit of our latest photos.

Snow Day!!

Re-discovering Play-Doh!!
Grandma and Grandpa come for a visit for Molly's baptism!

I get my crafty on for the girls new room!
Whitney LOVES her little brother. As soon as he starts chitty-chatting after he wakes up, she goes right up there, climbs in his crib and plays and laughs with him.
Whitney took over camera duties at the baptism, and got some laughs. . "OK, 1. . . .2 . . .3!"
Matt and our sweet Molly!
Whitney's cute Valentine holder from preschool
Molly's b-day party!!
Simon got a cute gift, but better than that. . .PAPER!
We celebrated Chinese New Year. Matt's sister declared that she couldn't make anything chinese. . . but, look what she made! (Turn you head to the right. . .)
Whitney and Eva play at the Children's museum!
Madison turned 10, and got her ears pierced!! (No, she didn't earn a girl scout badge for it.)
Madison's birthday party.

More updates soon!! (I really promise this time!)


The CEO said...

Oh my goodness! Such cute kiddos!! Simon is adorable!!! Your snowstorm kicks our snowstorm's behind. FUN. We can't wait to see you, if you're still up for it when you come. Thanks for sharing the pics.

wendysue said...

Shanna, absoultely we're up for seeing you! That WAS quite the snowstorm we had, they cancelled school the night before just because of the threat of snow, and at 8:30 there still was not a bit of snow on the ground but it started about 9am and didn't stop until about 5! It was a beautiful snow. . .big, fat flakes!

Sister Pottymouth said...

Oh my gosh! Simon is adorable! He has gotten big since you last posted. And I can't believe your oldest is TEN!

Rachelle said...

I love all the updates! : )

Bek said...

Simon is HUGE..he isn't a baby any more, he looks like a little guy..

Your girls are so expressive.. LOVE the updates (and I know what you mean about having to find time to get to it...)

P.S. My verification word was CLOGIN... .

compulsive writer said...

Love it! And you made that? How 'bout a tutorial?