Monday, February 09, 2009

more "mormon" songs. . .

Ok, here's a few more songs where Matt and I like to sing "mormon" instead of the real lyrics. Just remember to pause my music down on the left side.

Jack Johnson at :46 "Stabbed a mormon in the back, with a round thumb tack." Ouch. . .that hurts Jack.

Crosby, Stills and Nash "Southern Cross" at 1:33: really the lyrics make sense this way don't they? "I have been around the world, lookin' for that Mormon girl, who knows love can endure. . ."



Christy said...

I like "All This Time" by Sting. the real lyric is: "The teachers told us, the Romans built this place
They built a wall and a temple,
an edge of the empire Garrison town"

I like to sing that the Mormons built this place.

Mick said...

OK, I love this post. If only it went a little further.

I've been looking for Mormon "tribute" songs for my radio show for years... and I just don't feel that I've succeeded.

For instance: tomorrow is the anniversary of the death of Joseph Smith. That guy deserves a song. Maybe not a song he would like, but a song, nonetheless!

Who's got some great web site of rock songs about Mormons is what I wanna know. (and no, I definitely don't want actual Mormon music. Blechhh)