Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Simon’s 1st birthday!!

**editor’s note:  Simon is not one today (actually it was on 7/11 which is when I originally attempted to post this. . .I’ve changed to using Windows Live Writer and was having some trouble with the pictures. . .but now it’s all good. . .let the blogging resume!)


My BABY is ONE today!  Wow, that was fast (click for a peek at his very first post).  He was a really awful baby (of which I will remind him often. . ), but now he makes up for it big time.  I am completely in love with this little boy!  Happy Birthday Si-si!


I totally stole the idea for his shirt from Tesia, a friend from High School.  Super easy and it turned out so cute!


Simon is. . . So big (his latest trick)

IMG_4399 IMG_4400

I kept trying to get a picture of the back of his shirt and he kept turning around to find me!!



We headed out to the zoo. .  .



Molly went up to the dog show in Omaha with Grandma Mary so we missed her!!

IMG_4424 IMG_4427

See ya dudes!  More pictures of tomorrows big party with cake of course coming up soon!!


Sister Pottymouth said...

Your oldest daughter looks so grown up! And Simon is absolutely adorable. What a handsome little man! He and J Boo can do Soooo Big together the next time we see you.

Sister Pottymouth said...
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julie k said...

That's a really cute shirt! Nice job!