Sunday, March 12, 2006

The feral child

Whitney must be getting ready to walk. She's opted to forget the actual bi-ped walking and go for the quad-ped (is that even a word?) walk. We've taken to calling this her "Mowgli" walk. Maybe she's secretly sneaking out at night to be raised by wolves?? Or maybe her knees are just rebelling against our hardwood floors??


Queen Scarlett said...

Or the mobile downward facing dog. Cute.

Christy said...

She wants to walk like you, talk like you, toooooooo! You see it's true (oooh oooh).

Your little Mowgli is as cute as can be!

Hollie said...

She is so cute, if those were my knees I would boycott the hardwood floors too. You go Whitney.

Mckenzie says, "Happy Birthday"! Well, really she says "di di da", but translated I'm sure it's happy birthday!

Deb said...

This is so cute... way to work those legs, Whitney! Here's to wishing you a happy birthday!