Friday, June 16, 2006

The "Good-neighbor" hook-up!!

So, Matt works for State Farm. You know. . .everyone sing. . ."Like a good neighbor. . "

So it turns out that State Farm is also a main sponsor for the new Disney/Pixar movie Cars.

Saturday they had a special screening for the employees and families to see the movie. The kids LOVED it. It was pretty good. Not my favorite Disney/Pixar but it had enough humor for the adults to keep me entertained. I think the footage that runs during the credits of all the Pixar movies is my favorite part and this one didn't disappoint.

This past week they also had a couple life-sized versions of Lightning McQueen and Tom Mater at State Farm for the kiddos to check out.

Yep, we're enjoyin' the fringe benefits of a big company.

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Christy said...

That movie looked pretty cute. Gotta love the perks from a job!

I usually only see one or two movies a year at the theater. So, Cars will have to wait until DVD for me. I'm holding out for NACHO LIBRE!!!