Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Who's more fun?

My idea of fun. . .a little late night sprinkler running. . .

I think Madison is doing some sort of interpretive water dance.

Even this was a little crazy. . .Whitney loved it!

I get home from work and the babysitter says "Oh, and there are some pictures on your camera. . ."
The babysitters idea of fun. . .

keep scrolling. . .these are some good pictures.

Whom do you suppose Molly's vote would go to?


lisa v. clark said...

Molly looks so much like your sister Lisa, don't you think? Oh, those hot humid Nebraska Summer nights. . . I can smell the air. (It has a mixture of Runza in there somewhere, doesn't it--or is it Amigo's? I. . .sniff. . . can't. . . sigh. . . remember. .. !)

Hollie said...

Woe, who was the babysitter? That looks like so much fun!!