Monday, June 05, 2006

What have you found??

Hmm. . .what could I do with this? Oh, I KNOW!!

I'm sure that I utter "What have you found?" to Whitney at least 10 times a day. Thank goodness she was holding the grater the wrong way as she licked it. Shredded tongue anyone??
MMM. Good stuff.


~j. said...

Woah. One time, a few years ago, Emma grabbed something from the side of the bathtub and put it in her mouth...something...something with a handle...shaped kind of like, I don't know, a sucker?, no, not a sucker.

A razor.

The blood. The horror.
(Who is that girl's mother??!?!)

La Yen said...

Jooj found the grater attachment for the Bosch today. Crisis averted. I gave her mini marshmallows while I distracted her from the other sharp things in the cabinet.

c jane said...

Gives me the chills.

Julie said...

Maybe someday you can take her binkie to the shredder when it's time to wean her from it.