Thursday, June 19, 2008

In a New York minute, part 1

My wireless connection doesn't like me to try to upload too many pictures, so this is it for now. . .more coming later.

Our first morning in town we wandered over to CBS just down a block from our hotel, and Harry Smith was outside doing a little story with a golfer setting a guinness record for number of golf balls hit, so we hung out and watched. We actually called back home and had them set the DVR just in case the camera caught us (and they DID!), for a tiny, itty, bitty second, if you paused it just in the right place. . .He DID set the record, in case you were wondering.
Hello, Central Park! Check out the view from our hotel!! We were on the 36th floor right on Central Park South, and check out my lovely hubby brushing his teeth (good boy.)

Just ONE of our lovely nights out eating! This picture didn't want to stay upright, but you get the idea. This was our last evening, we ate at Ruby Foos just off Times Square. It was a Asian/fusion restaurant. Delish, and TONS of food. We had 16 of us there, I think, so we just ordered one of everything and passed it around!Waiting in line. . .in Battery Park to get on the ferry for the Statue of Liberty. . .amazing what 30 mintues can do. My brother in law Sterling arrived 30 minutes before us and got right on.
We got the FULL experience. . .and waited. . .and waited. Good thing it was a perfect NYC day.My brother in law Jon doing his best imitation with his water bottle.
There she is. We decided we didn't need to go inside the Statue of Liberty, we just wanted to see her. We continued on the ferry over to Ellis Island and walked through the exhibits. Interesting stuff, we could've used more time there.
Ahh, aren't we cute!! Look at my fantastic pregnancy cheeks!!

Eating at Rolf's restaurant. The food was so-so. It's an old German restaurant, so my Dad impressed us by ordering in German (his mission language). This evening everyone but Heidi, Lisa and I headed to the Yankees game. We opted to see a show. . .we saw "In the Heights", which by the way, just won a bunch of Tony awards last weekend. Fun, entertaining well-done show. Here's Scotty's birthday cake from Rolf's. . .black forest cake, it was GOOOD.

My Dad outside the Spamalot theatre. This was from the last evening we were there. We were hoping Clay Aiken would still be performing, but he was finished about 2 weeks before we came (apparently busy doing his "album" and providing his life source for a baby. . . .) It was a well-acted, funny show, complete with a sing-a-long at the end of the show. . ."Always look on the bright side of life"
Still to come. . .more shows, more eating, more views. . .


Deb said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun!!! Casey has never been to NYC so I hope to take him some day. There is SO much to do there!

compulsive writer said...

That does look like a blast! Have so much fun!!