Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So, I was going to post tonight all the silly pictures I took of my little family in our basement for 2 hours tonight during the Tornado warnings (again.), but instead my heart is hurting over this story coming out of Little Sioux boy scout camp, not too far from us, this evening.


compulsive writer said...

That's so sad.

I'm relieved to know you're all OK, but still so sad.

(And reminded that my aunt who lives in Nebraska was very blessed when a tornado tore through their girls camp.)

Audra said...

OH I know! It was horrible hearing the young man (a scout) talk about having to pull out people who were dead as well as alive. Very sad!

Ahnah said...

Totally devastating. We heard it on the radio last night while in the basement. We are grateful Preston was not at any camp, but in our icky basement with us. Many prayers for those families.

The CEO said...

We are sooo thinking about you and our friends in Nebraska. It's so sad! We are glad you are safe.