Monday, June 09, 2008

There's gonna be burstin'

Dearest soon-to-be-delivered son. . .

Seriously. There is no more room. At any moment I feel like you are going to burst right through my belly button. Oh, and thanks for the lovely arrangement of new stretch marks. I realize it's just as frustrating for you with your needs to s--t---r---e---t--c--h, and poke, and tickle the inside of my hip bone. I know we both are looking forward to your (hopefully) quick escape in a month, so, until then. . .much love, and Simma' down!


P.S. Dear bloggers,
I have officially hit the panic mode. . .aka, nesting. Here are a few things that have me frustrated. .

--How long can I really use my infant car seat? I still have the one from Madison who just turned 9, no car accidents with it, it's in decent shape still. . .do I use it or just go ahead and splurge on a new one?? (and a new stroller to go with it??)

--How do you momma's feel about the new anti-BPA, plastics thing with baby bottles/sippy cups. Something we really need to worry about? Do I use the same old bottles my other kiddos obviously survived on? I'm a nurser, but also a pumper so my baby and I can have a break from each other.


Kage said...

I read that no matter, you have to get a new carseat every 6 years....try craigs list!?

plastic....I have mixed feelings....probably don't heat it up would be the most prevention I would do...I use aluminum bottles right now for my kiddos.

Ahnah said...

Carseats are good for 5 years. Remember, my sister and I are certified carseat technicians. Only buy new! If you want help, call me! As far as the bottles go, I heard as long as you aren't microwaving the liquid in the bottles its ok. I can't believe there is only a month left! Oh, and get a new stroller too. Its worth it and fun to boot.

b. said...

I wouldn't mess around with the carseat. Get a new one.

Now, some advice (because you did ask):

In these times of scary scary gas prices and rising costs of EVERYTHING....
unless you are going to have a bunch more kids....I wouldn't buy too many new baby things. Unless you have the funds. Even then, I'd spend it on something fun for the whole family.
Safety first for sure for the new little one. But, those fancy schmancy bottles? Looks like a money pit to me. But then, I'm outta that loop too.
(did that whole comment sound like an over practical mother?-sorry)

Best Wishes for the next few weeks!

b. said...

wait.....this is your first boy, right?

Hmmmm.....that might change my answer.

Queen Scarlett said...

Ditto with everyone the car seat - get a new one. It's been a while and... it's your first boy...and you deserve to carry around something fun and new. ;-)

About the bottles - I always better safe than sorry kinda gal. We've heard plastic is bad for a while - no microwaving...etc... so... makes sense not to use 'em for babies. They can't handle adult dosages of food, meds...I'd say same with plastic... but I am a layman.

EXCITED to see your new baby!!!

Gina said...

You are a ripe melon! But my outie beats your innie! Get a new carseat-I have too too. I'm going all out boy colors. Plastic smashtic-I don't microwave mine, but how practical are glass bottles and how expensive are aluminum? I drop things and so do babies. Good luck sleeping!

Julie Ramsay said...

I can't wait to see your baby! I hope he comes early! I'm sure you'll make the best decisions about the car seat and bottles. Shop til you drop!

compulsive writer said...

I have no good advice, but baby that tummy looks ready to pop! Isn't it just amazing?! Good luck!

~j. said...

I bought a new carseat for Bubby (& now Atcha), and I'm glad I did. New stoller, too. As for bottles -- no idea.