Thursday, June 05, 2008

Not exactly in the plans. . .

I got to find out what a "Code-Black" at Walmart means last night.

any guesses?

I also got to see the staff room at Walmart with a few hundred other people.

All thanks to the Tornado warning that ripped through our town AGAIN!! I'm already tired of it, and the season has just begun.

I thought I could make it to the store and back before the storm. Matt called and said he and the girls were headed to the basement because they had just issued the warning for our county, meanwhile, people were just shopping away at Walmart like it was no big deal (it really wasn't a big deal, the storm was on the north side of town and missing us again). About 5 minutes later the sirens started so they came over the speakers and made an announcement that all shoppers that weren't "at the doors", had to leave their carts and head to the back of the store. We only had to be in the staff room about 15-20 minutes until the warning had officially expired, and I made some friends and chatted away while we were all stuck. My only regret? My camera is sitting here on the desk, so no pictures for the bloggers. I really wished I had my camera when I stepped back outside. It was only 9pm (usually still fairly light outside), but the whole sky above me was pitch black and all along the horizon it was bright blue. . .really, tornado weather is awfully pretty. Once I got home, I called Matt to come outside and see a fantastic lightning storm, the best I think I've seen, it was like the 4th of July.
p.s. with all the rain we've had (I think it rained ALL night last night), I really glad we decided to do that big waterproofing project (tear out the whole basement all the walls, install drain tile, sump pump, etc. . .), our basement is dry as a bone this morning!


b. said...

These pictures are amazing!

How scary for you and your town!!

To be stuck in Wal Mart, let alone the staff lounge sounds like H3ll to me....Glad you made some friends!

wendysue said...

b.--I know. Lock down at Walmart. . .I'm just glad it was only for about 15 minutes!

Deb said...

North end of town = Waverly!!! I must say I was pretty sure we were going to get hit by some massive tornado.

We got rid of our tv service and I'm kind of regretting it... I feel so helpless without being able to see the weather map. The radio guy just isn't the same.

Whew! Another storm escaped. BTW, our sump pump is going like mad today since we got all that rain.

Christy said...

Awesome! One time I had to go into a grocer's freezer during a tornado in Indiana. That tornado hit just a few streets down so I was glad to have shelter. A kid in there was so scared he threw up. I felt so bad for him!

I'm glad it missed us last night but I sure wish I could have seen all of SYTYCD!

Jaydee and Shaunda said...

I don't miss the tornadoes, but I sure miss those awesome lightning storms. Montana just doesn't have thunderstorms and lightning like the midwest has. I am glad you and your family are safe.

Queen Scarlett said...

Holy Cow... were there any flying around?