Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween past. . .

Here are some pictures of our Halloweens past. .

Here's Madison and her cousin Hannah at "Boo at the Zoo", little cutie butterflies. . .Fall 1999.

I'm missing a couple of years in here. . .Fall 2000 Madison was Minnie mouse (see Whitney's picture below)

2001: Madison was a ladybug, Molly was the butterfly costume Madison's in above.

2002: Two Cinderella girls.
2003: Molly was Minnie, and Madison was a Minnie cheerleader

2004: Sleeping Beauty girls, complete with wigs. When Molly got out of the car at preschool, they didn't even recognize her!!We also were expecting Whitney so check out our pregnant pumpkin. Funny story: We had left the pumpkins out a little too long, for two many frosty nights and they were mush. When I tried to pick up the "momma" pumpkin, the baby kind of fell out the side where it had broken and Madison screamed: "It's having a c-section!!"
2005: One of my favorite ones. . .Madison is a rock star, Whitney a punk rock baby, and Molly is Belle.

2006: Molly is Ariel, Whitney is a chicken (another one of my favs), and Madison is wearing my old Shirette (high school dance team) uniform.

2007: Madison is a disco gal/hippy gal (in my MOM's real vintage outfit!!), Whitney is Minnie, and Molly is Dorothy (really, it's all about the dog.)

This years Halloween pictures will be up tomorrow!!


Kristi said...

Awwww- fun pictures! I love the little punk rock baby- that is too cute! Can't wait to see what you came up with this year!

Mike and Elizabeth said...

How fun to look back at all your pictures! Can't wait to see your costumes this year!

Hollie said...

I totally remember Halloween 2005 with the punk rocker! That was awesome!