Thursday, October 09, 2008

One Moment More

Ever since I first heard this song, I've been addicted. Such a tender expression of love. At first, it immediately made me think of the Nielsons and Clarks. The pain that they are enduring as they patiently wait for recovery. It makes me think of their sweet children and how they long to be together as a family again soon. It makes me think of my sweet husband and my dear, dear children. It makes me want to plead with them to stay young and little. It also makes me so thankful for the Gospel in my life. Thankful that although our life here on earth may seem short, we will be together for eternity.

p.s. just a reminder to pause my playlist music on the right side before you watch the video.


sista # 2 said...

Hi!I'm Rachelle's sister in AZ.I
just happened to check out your blog for the 1st time,right now,&
can't believe how blessed I am to
have seen this post! Your sweet words and this music made my day!

I called Rachelle & asked -who's
Wendy? you have to see this video!
(she's on her way to surgery)

We live in Mesa. I have been a Nie
fan for a couple years.I have had a
one way friendship with her, like
many others:)It's a big city, but a
small world.She is in my friend's
ward & her sis n law goes to our school (so I catch up with her)and
the pilot instructor lived in our
old neighborhood.Small world.

I have listened to this song now 3
times! Will you leave a comment on
your blog (or email Rachelle),the
artist & title? :)Thanks a ton!Janae

wendysue said...

Hi Sista! The artist is Mindy Smith and the song is called One Moment More, it's the acoustic version.

Can I Have This Dance.... said...

That is a beautiful song! I haven't heard it or the artist before. Thanks for sharing!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Thanks for making me tear up Wendy, and then for having my husband make fun of me;) Loved it. Reminded me of Blake's mom - she's been gone for almost 4 years now. This is a song to remember!

b. said...

Love this song....and am really enjoying the artist. She's very talented.