Saturday, November 29, 2008

Too much tv?

We had our Primary Sacrament Meeting Program a couple of weeks ago. Whitney is a little anxious that she will get to participate next year and felt free to sing along with all the songs AND direct the kids from her little pew.

One of the little boys got up and said his part about prayer "I can pray to Heavenly Father, any time, any place."

Whitney piped right up and said all excited, "Any time! Any place! The super-sleuths are on the case!!!" (in full action with the little arm swing and everything.)
Thanks "My friends, Tigger and Pooh"

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

True Thanksgiving.

Please visit this link to be witness to a miracle.

I'm adding my Thanksgiving wishes to the wonderful Nielson family and the Clark family.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My animal lover

Molly is my little animal lover. Apparently ALL animals. We had some "evidence" of a "little friend" in our basement storage room. After a couple of days the little mouse must have taken a leap and ended up in my washing machine. . .dead. Dun, dun dun. Anyway, I figured he was a loner, but we got some traps anyway, just to make sure. As Matt was assembling the trap Molly sat furiously writing and writing at the table. I walked over and she swiped it away. I asked for it and she made a sad face and gave it to me. . .here's what it said.

(I don't know why blogger wants to flip my picture, but oh well.)

"Keep out! Danger up ahead! Mice. . ps. . I love you! Don't die."

Don't worry, she AND I are both very happy that we haven't caught any more friends.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

make 'em with butter, sugar and flour. . .

One of my favorite memories of growing up was making cookies with my mom. That house ALWAYS had cookies. We would sit around a big bowl of dough and use our little spoons to place the cookies on the sheets and always eat WAY too much dough and end up with tummy aches. But it was all for a good cause. Whitney and I made cookies today ("I'm a good cooker"). Mainly for Madison. . . she's going to "Heritage school" tomorrow and I wanted to make some snickerdoodles (and choc. chip for us) for her to take. I'll post about that later with her cute picture.
Anyway, Whitney was my little "helper" today. Even though it took longer (letting her measure things out, completely smooshing the eggs--so a lot of extra time spent retrieving the shells, and counting each cookie as it was put on the sheet, she (and I) had a fabulous time. But Whitney and I agree the best part about making cookies is licking the beater.

Don't you love my apron?? I didn't ever work there, but my sis-in-law did and she snagged it for me when she quit. . thanks Tiff!!!

Did anyone else sing this song when they were little??

Chocolate chip cookies, you'll always have more, you can bake 'em in the oven or buy them at the store but whatever you do, have 'em waitin' at the door and I'll love you forevermore.

Make 'em with butter, sugar and flour, bake 'em in the oven 'bout a quarter of an hour, and whatever you do have 'em waitin' at the door and I'll love you forevermore. . .

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Little Leo Lost

As promised here is the story of when we lost "swimming Leo" (see previous post. . )

We, of course, have to take "soft" rocket and any number of Whitney's "friends" when we're out and about. On one such Saturday, somewhere between Lowes, Home Depot and Menards (another hardware store), swimming Leo was lost. I had no clue where, so we decided oh, well, he was gone.

Fast forward about 3 weeks later.

We are shopping (again!) at Menards and wander over by the tiles/grout, etc. She mentions something about "swimming" and I say, "Oh, you want to go swimming??", I'm only half listening and go on looking at tile. Eventually it dawns on me, as she is leaning over the side of the cart willing herself toward the "information desk" about 20 feet away for this area and is pointing, pointing, pointing!!! I push her over there and sure enough, amongst some random lost McDonalds happy meal toys, there is a smiling Swimming Leo waiting patiently for Whitney to come back and get him.

She had the biggest grin on her face all the way home.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The World According to Whitney

Just a little look into Whitney's world of Little Einsteins. It all makes perfect sense. . .(to her.) Here's the crew. We have Leo, Leo, Quincy, June, Annie, Annie, Quincy, Leo, June, Annie, June and Leo again. We are however missing "Golden Harp Quincy" that goes with her little Egypt playset. Whitney says "He's a good hider." Because some of her "friends" have been lost from time to time, we have 2 of some of the characters, it was worth every penny to avoid the drama.

This is Leo, Whitney's favorite. Because of him, anything with a stick instantly is a baton for her. As Whitney says, "he loves to conduct."

In our house we have "scratched Leo", and "regular Leo". Can you tell which is which??

Obviously, scratched Leo is the one on the bottom, because he has a little scratch on his left eye. Not that the other one is totally scratched from head to toe.

This is Annie, she's Leo's little sister. She loves to sing. Any number of Whitney's "batons" will turn into microphones for her to sing like Annie.

In our house, we have "clean Annie" and "dirty Annie". I try not to laugh everytime Whitney is tearful and says, "I can't find Dirty Annie."

So, Which is which, can you guess??

Dirty Annie is the one on the left.
Because she has that little red mark on the back of her head. These are her "car friends", because they go. . .
In her car. I know, I know, we're feeding her little addiction.These are the latest additions to her crew. It's Pirate June and Pirate Leo. It's really cute when Whitney shows everyone that Leo has a treble clef on his hat.

Here's the crew with her rockets. "soft rocket" is on the left, and "pat-pat rocket" is on the right. Every night begins the trauma of finding "all my friends!" and stuffing them into soft rocket to go to sleep with her.

Oh, and don't forget "swimming Leo and submarine Rocket."
Phew. Maybe I should've made some type of bar graph or chart of some sort. But at least you are all knowledgable enough now to babysit her and get her to bed at night with all the right friends.
P.S. Swimming Leo and submarine rocket stay in the tub. Thanks.
Coming soon: her new addiction to Mario, Luigi and all the Mario Party characters.