Sunday, November 02, 2008

The World According to Whitney

Just a little look into Whitney's world of Little Einsteins. It all makes perfect sense. . .(to her.) Here's the crew. We have Leo, Leo, Quincy, June, Annie, Annie, Quincy, Leo, June, Annie, June and Leo again. We are however missing "Golden Harp Quincy" that goes with her little Egypt playset. Whitney says "He's a good hider." Because some of her "friends" have been lost from time to time, we have 2 of some of the characters, it was worth every penny to avoid the drama.

This is Leo, Whitney's favorite. Because of him, anything with a stick instantly is a baton for her. As Whitney says, "he loves to conduct."

In our house we have "scratched Leo", and "regular Leo". Can you tell which is which??

Obviously, scratched Leo is the one on the bottom, because he has a little scratch on his left eye. Not that the other one is totally scratched from head to toe.

This is Annie, she's Leo's little sister. She loves to sing. Any number of Whitney's "batons" will turn into microphones for her to sing like Annie.

In our house, we have "clean Annie" and "dirty Annie". I try not to laugh everytime Whitney is tearful and says, "I can't find Dirty Annie."

So, Which is which, can you guess??

Dirty Annie is the one on the left.
Because she has that little red mark on the back of her head. These are her "car friends", because they go. . .
In her car. I know, I know, we're feeding her little addiction.These are the latest additions to her crew. It's Pirate June and Pirate Leo. It's really cute when Whitney shows everyone that Leo has a treble clef on his hat.

Here's the crew with her rockets. "soft rocket" is on the left, and "pat-pat rocket" is on the right. Every night begins the trauma of finding "all my friends!" and stuffing them into soft rocket to go to sleep with her.

Oh, and don't forget "swimming Leo and submarine Rocket."
Phew. Maybe I should've made some type of bar graph or chart of some sort. But at least you are all knowledgable enough now to babysit her and get her to bed at night with all the right friends.
P.S. Swimming Leo and submarine rocket stay in the tub. Thanks.
Coming soon: her new addiction to Mario, Luigi and all the Mario Party characters.


Matt said...

Sweetie, are you going to tell the story of when swimming Leo was lost & how/where Whitney found him?

wendysue said...

Oh, I forgot about that. . .that will be the next post.

Queen Scarlett said...

As fans of Little Einsteins... this is one AWESOME post. ;-)

Ahnah said...

Oooooo, lost swimming Leo! I can't wait to hear. Don't you just love their collections? Maren carries around all the Yo Gabba Gabba dolls.

Hollie said...

What a crack up!!!! There is something about when they turn 3 1/2. They are just a crack up!!!! I love it!

It's making me want to do a post about Mckenzie and her trains. We totally feed her addiction to, but they sure keep her busy:) Gotta love that.

Deb said...

Great post, great laughs! I guess I have something to look forward to.

Rachel said...

Sam's the same way about Thomas, we have to have duplicates as well although tragedy struck this week when we lost "clean" Thomas at Wal'Mart. I think we lost him in the toy deprtment when we were looking at the Thomas toys, how ironic.

compulsive writer said...

Love this post...