Tuesday, August 22, 2006


In honor of Mothers of school-age children everywhere!!

Please go HERE!!


Julie said...

Ahhhhhh, one of my most favorite commercials ever!

compulsive writer said...

Yes I love that ad. I know people who thought it was horrible, but I don't think they were being emotionally honest with themselves.

To tell the truth, I am completely ambivalent about "back to school" days, so I can be a little sad about sending them off and still admit that that commercial is a hit with parents everywhere.

wendysue said...

CW--I'm with you. . .my kids like school and are excited to go from day 1 of kindergarten. . .so since they're fine with it, I'm fine with it! I think the only reason I feel a little sad is that it's proof that they really are growing up. . .and yes, by the end of summer I'm ready to dance around with a shopping cart to get school supplies!!