Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One Crrrraaaazzzzyyyy Summer

Here is my riduculous summer (in no particular order--I changed over to Netscape so I could load all the pictures but now I can't move them around like I could in Internet Explorer. . .ugh)Here comes the Ox Cart, OH, how slow. . ..It's hard to tell from the picture how huge these Ox really are. HUGE!! We got the last ride of the day in Nauvoo, the days were too hot so they usually quit around 11 am.
I think every 16 month old has done this. . .doesn't she look so pleased?? (I was helping give my nephew a mini bath in the other room and I guess Whitney decided she was thirsty. . .)
My brother Todd and Whitney at the big family dance.

The girls in the kid parade before a big show in Nauvoo
Hannah was baptized when we got back to Tooele after family camp was over. Cutie.

Whitney and Annie taking a dip in the pool at family camp.
Lisa and I just kept trying to get Whitney and Hugh to kiss!! Hey watch it with that open mouth Hughie!! They were adorable!
All the kiddos in the big tree at El Clarkos.
Miss Phoebe
Provo 4th of July parade. . . .
We stopped to visit our friends the Robisons. They adopted our nephew Xander 10 years ago (2nd from the left), and went on to adopt 3 more and just had their 2nd biological babe. They are an amazing family. It's an incredible story how we all got back in contact with each other. . another day, another blog.
How the heck did we get here? Aren't we still 12??
Molly riding our friends horse Sunny. She asked if she could ride him all the way back to Nebraska.
The Clarks at the parade. Classic 8 year old boy evidence in the front row.

My nephew Justin. . .remember when he was just little like this???
Yummy late night shakes courtesy of Rod.

Get ready for installment 2 and 3 of our crazy summer. . . . .I'm still recovering


Queen Scarlett said...

You look like you guys had fun. So you did a family camp in Nauvoo?? Where can I get info on that?

Glad to see you're back!

c jane said...

I know the Robisons! How fun to see them here in blogland!

Your summer was awesome.

Lorien said...

great photos.

I had to remove the little bolt covers on the base of all our toilets--far too convenient to have those little sippy cups sitting right there for my baby boy. YYYLLLLECH! How gross!

~j. said...

Great photos, Wendy! And what a fun summer.

I'm so glad that part of my summer was meeting you and your girls.

wendysue said...

Queen--no, our family camp was in Utah (Aspen Grove). . .my picture set up was far too confusing, I keep thinking I need to just re do the whole shabang.

We had family camp in Utah, then my sis came to Nebraska and we drove out to Nauvoo to see my Mom there (they are temple missionaires) and to see the pagent (amazing!!).

Liew Hui Mei said...

You are 32 and I am 32 too. You are happily married with three kids whereas i am still single - struggle in between the wish to settle down and self-difficulty of having myself settle down. You are a Gemini. I am a Pieces.

Yr kids are sweet and yr blog is cute. ^0^