Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mark Burnett where are you?

Ok, in the last few years we've had some long vacations with family and I have a fantastic idea for a new reality show!!


See, each day you get to vote someone off the vacation!! Can you just hear it now?

"Hey, I'm just playing the game!"
"It's not personal"
"This is just a strategic move. . .my vote is for. . ."
"We've got to break up that kid alliance. . .they'll never see it coming and we'll bust this game wide open."

So, who would you vote for??


Christy said...

kid alliance! Love it!

compulsive writer said...

Too funny! I have one kid who wouldn't even make it past the audition...

wendysue said...

Now you're thinkin' CW, I just need to make myself the exec. producer and then I can take all of you bloggers instead of my family. . .(well maybe some special-selection only family members could go!!)

Deb said...

Each year I wonder how I survived another family reunion/vacation... or I mean, how others have survived. Some days I could just... okay, we won't go there. Family Vacation/Reunion survivor would be great, I agree!